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About me

I'm Em and I started this website because in a quest to be a better me in 2020 I started consuming a TON of self-help resources. It kind of hit me that I was gaining a lot of knowledge and information on so many different topics, and I had no-one to talk about it all with! So what better way to discuss, review and share all of the books, articles, podcasts, you name it's, than on a blog?


Check out what book I'm reading this month and let me know exactly what you think of it too!

Self Help Reviewer's Book Club

What we're reading this March!

The self-help book I have chosen to review this March is called "Good vibes, good life" by Vex King. Vex is such an inspirational guy - he comes from a background of adversity and started to use the Law of Attraction to try and change his life. As he saw his fortune change as well as his mindset, he started to share his insights with the world through social media. He now has a huge following and posts inspiring and meaningful quotes and affirmations on his social media platforms which reach and help thousands. As he says himself, he put out the phrase "good vibes" long before Love Island did!


I'm really looking forward to reading his book and taking the information out of it to help with my own life and goals. I will be posting my honest review of this book at the end of the month and would love to know your views on the book too, so read along with me!


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